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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Hi guys!
My December started in New Zealand with some beautiful hikes and lovely adventures with my family, which I've written a couple of seperate blog posts about- so keep your eyes peeled for those soon! The rest of the month was spent around home getting in the festive spirit and spending time with my family and friends, so I've got a few of those moments to share here.

Christmas Tree Hunting:
I'd literally been home from my trip for only an hour or two when we all jumped into the car to go choose a Christmas Tree! We were pretty late in the season, but we got very lucky and got to pick from some of their special reserve stock which was very nice! We all felt quite festive and excited, it was lovely to go on a little family outing together. We came home for some champagne and Christmas music while we decorated the tree- heaven!

I've been lucky enough to go on quite a few lovely hikes this month! Not counting the ones in New Zealand, I've been on several since I've been home with my family and friends. It always makes me feel so good, both mentally and physically, as well as being a wonderful way to catch up with people! Here's to lot's more hikes and new adventures in the coming year!

Over Christmas and New Year we've been babysitting our friend's dog whilst they are away on holiday. This was our first Christmas without our own beloved dog Rosie, so although it made it harder in some ways to have another dog here that wasn't her, it has been nice having a dog around to cuddle! This is him being a cutie and asking for a treat.

So that's it for my December! What were the highlights of your month?
Kate x

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