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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Hi guys!

My boyfriend and I hiked (or tramped, as us kiwi's call it) the Pouakai Crossing during our recent trip to New Zealand. The Pouakai Crossing is located on Mount Taranaki on the west coast of the North Island, and it's approximately 19km of track altogether. Depending on how you go about it, the crossing can be done as a single day trip, or spread out over two or three days, with options to stay at 2 different huts along the way. We chose to make it a two day trip so that we had time to enjoy the scenery whilst not taking up too many days of our holiday!

Day 1: North Egmont to Holly Hut

We're off! Our packs were 90% peanuts at this stage, haha.

The hardest part of day 1 was at the start-climbing the steep ridge! The stunning views over the North Island to the Central Plateau made it so worth it though!

After climbing the ridge, the track leveled out and hugged the mountainside for a while, crossing several mountain streams.

A bit of clambering involved!

We're almost there, right?!

About to cross the Boomerang Slip- aptly named and certainly not somewhere I'd like to loiter!

Made it to Holly Hut! A well deserved hot chocolate and watching the sun set over the mountain- bliss!

Day 2: Holly Hut to Mangorei Road via Pouakai Hut

Lacing up the boots for another day of adventure.

Off to Pouakai Hut!

The track dropped down to cross the Ahukawakawa Swamp before climbing steeply up to Pouakai Hut.

A view worth the climb!

Happy hikers.

Just above Pouakai Hut
It's time to head down again! View of the coast from Pouakai Hut. 

So that was it for our amazing trip up Mount Taranaki! Hiking the Pouakai Crossing was a wonderful experience, with just the right level of difficulty to be accessible to people of most levels of fitness. As always, it's important when hiking in New Zealand to prepare to get every type of weather within a day, so rain jackets, extra food and warm clothes are essential. 

Have you done the Pouakai Crossing or are you planning to? Where should we go next?
Happy Hiking! 
Kate x


  1. Wow looks so beautiful! Glad you had a great time - I'm quite jealous haha. Ive hiked lots of Europe but would love to go in Nz

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