2017 In Review

Tuesday, 2 January 2018
I saw in 2017 with a cup of tea from the couch in our little cottage in Corbridge, England, before running outside in the rain to look up at the fireworks crackling through the sky. Nothing exciting, to be sure, but there was a certain cosy comfort in it.

On my return to Australia it was a mad rush of moving in to a new apartment and preparing for another year of uni, but not without a little celebration- our Halfway Ball! It was a really nice way to feel like we were finally getting somewhere with this never-ending degree!

At the end of January I celebrated my 20th birthday with a lovely dinner out with my friends, and a day of adventure with my family- not to mention a dachshund themed cake!
This was a very busy and somewhat overwhelming start to the year with placement in the public hospital. We rotated around lots of different areas of the hospital and never really got to settle anywhere, but it was certainly interesting. My favourite week was the one in the Emergency Department, it's always lots of fun!
I did get to escape and go exploring a little bit though! This was a day trip to Petersen's Creek with my dog and boyfriend.

I had a week off to recharge before starting my rotation in the private hospital. I made the most of having some quiet time at home and walking the dog a lot! After that it was back to reality with six more weeks of placement.

This was a full month of the private hospital and was very busy and tiring! Some weeks we had to be at the hospital at 7AM which took some getting used to. I also got sick which left me feeling a bit exhausted. However, we did have the Clinical Cocktail Party which was a super fun night to relax and celebrate with other medical and dentistry students!
At the very end of the month I started another week break and got to go hiking and on a few more adventures. I also chopped my hair off!
After most of the first week on break, I started my next rotation on clinical investigations. This was a fairly busy month and I don't seem to have taken any good photos! So here's a peek at what my weekly schedule looks like.
I did go home and surprise my Mum for Mothers Day, so we could watch Eurovision together! We both agreed it wasn't as good as last year so fingers crossed 2018 picks up again!

Lots of study this month! We went for a lovely lunch at Palm Cove with my parents. 
We also did a 5km fun run in Cairns called Bright Night. It was lots of fun and my bestie won a 6 month gym subscription which was pretty exciting!

I finally got some holidays! My Grandparents came to visit from New Zealand. I got a car!

I went on my rural placement in the little town of Ingham for six weeks. I had a wonderful experience with the loveliest older students to mentor us, I learnt so much! This was the month of the 10 failed cannulas in a row, but then the 10 successful ones!
Unfortunately whilst I was away for this placement, our doggy Rosie unexpectedly passed away. I am still missing her every day.

I finished my placement off in Ingham and then had a week off. We traveled to Adelaide for my boyfriend's citizenship ceremony and I finally got to meet his family properly!

After returning from our rural placements, my housemates and I discovered that the tiles in our apartment had cracked, which meant they had to be replaced and we had to move out. It was a mad rush to find a new apartment but it all got sorted relatively quickly and with only a couple of mental breakdowns! We all like our new apartment much better than the old one, so all's well that ends well!

We (well, I) quickly got excited decorating the apartment for Halloween!
I also traveled to Brisbane to surprise my sister for her 18th birthday! I got to buy her her first ever cocktail and had a lovely couple of days away from it all.
November heralded the start of exam time, but that went better than expected this year. It was stressful of course, but not quite to the same degree as earlier years which I was very thankful for! We also got in the Christmas spirit, decorating our apartment and holding a Christmas party with some friends on the afternoon after we finished exams.

I took my boyfriend to my home town in New Zealand! I then had a lovely relaxing Christmas at home with my family.

So that's my whole year in review! It's certainly had some ups and downs, but I'm proud of the balance I've tried to keep this year and that I managed to get a credit for my 4th year of Medicine! Onwards and upwards to next year!
What were your highlights of 2017?
Kate x

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