December & Christmas Thrift Finds

Friday, 22 December 2017

Hi guys!
It seems that a lot of you really loved my last Op Shop Haul (find it here, if you haven't seen it!), so I've been looking forward to doing another one for a while! I've been super lucky with the bits I've found while hunting through my local thrift stores lately, and I thought I'd share some of my favourite finds. These were the product of only two thrifting trips, so I think I've done pretty well!


Yellow Dress: Dotti, $6. My mum didn't like this one but I unashamedly love it! Admittedly it's not my usual colours but I think the cut of the dress is quite flattering, I love the 3/4 length sleeves!

Floral Playsuit: Cotton On, $5. This is the perfect light, comfy playsuit for our Aussie summer weather! And how pretty are the colours?

White Blouse: Dotti, $4.50. I'm not sure why but I absolutely loved this top! I've always thought this style of shirt wasn't very flattering on me but I quite like this one.

Blue and White Top: Lorna Jane, $8. I have an ever-growing collection of Lorna Jane and not a single piece has been bought instore! I can never leave a Lorna Jane behind when it's in good condition! This one says 'Dreams only work if you do' which is one of my favourite quotes.

Red Singlet: Target, $2. I got this to go with my Christmas pyjama bottoms that my housemates gave me as a present.

Black and Gold Spot T-Shirt: Sussan, $4.50. I had a similar T-Shirt a couple of years ago that I absolutely wore to death and have been missing ever since! I was very excited to find this as a replacemnt.

Navy Quilted Dress: Miss Shop, $5. A Miss Shop dress in perfect condition for $5?! I thought this was such a score! It's super comfy and the quilted fabric is a bit warmer, perfect for when the weather cools down around here.

Stripe and Spot Top: Sussan, $8. Another purchase I'm rather proud of- it still had it's new tags on and is worth $50 new! I love both stripes and spots seperately, so surely putting them both together on a shirt, with copper coloured spots at that, was just made for me!


Christmas Jumper: Primark, $6 (this also still had it's tags on!). It's so ironic that when I was in England last year for Christmas I couldn't find a decent Christmas jumper anywhere, and now I'm in Australia I somehow find a Primark one! I have no idea how this found it's way to Aussie with it's tags still on but it obviously had my name on it!

Santa Decoration: $2. I just couldn't leave him!

Santa Ceramic Candle Holder: $3. How cute is this little candle holder? It looks super cute when the light shines through it at night! 

Sleigh: $3. Words can't describe my excitement when I found this- I'd been planning a Christmas themed photoshoot with our Guinea Pigs for a while and when I saw this, the absolute perfect size for them, I could not stop grinning! Stay tuned to my Instagram for the photos!

Sherlock Book: $3. I mean, it had Sherlock on it so I just had to give it a try!

Why Not Me? $2. Might have just picked this up because the cover was a pretty colour, haha.

Talk Of The Town: $2. Seemed like it would be the perfect trashy romance for me when I'm needing a light read!

So that's it for my recent thrift store finds! Do you enjoy thrifting as well? What have been your favourite finds?

Kate x


  1. I love all the things you found here, but I think the yellow or navy dress is my favourite!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Charlotte! They're definitely some of my faves too! :) x