Christmas In Australia

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all had the most wonderful day and are now feeling very relaxed and recharged after some time off. We tend to do Christmas a bit differently over here in Australia, so I thought I'd share a few snapshots of how we celebrated!

We love to get outdoors and make the most of the wonderful weather at Christmas time, so we started the day by going on a bit of an adventure! We tried to go and visit a waterfall that none of us had ever been to before, and promptly got very lost and ended up on a track that was clearly meant for four-wheel driving. Needless to say it did't go quite as we planned it!

We ended up changing plans and drove back towards home, to a little creek not far from our place. We had lots of fruit and croissants for breakfast and took the dog we're babysitting for a little walk. With full bellies and a lovely wander along the creek we were all happy, so Plan B wasn't so bad after all!
When we got home we all got ourselves ready, and then it was time to pump up the Christmas music and open some presents!
My necklace has actual bells on it so I was walking around the house jingling all day, haha. 
We cooked a ham with some roast vegetables and little french rolls for lunch which was divine! After that it was time to chill with a cup of tea, talk to my family on the phone (my Dad works away so sadly couldn't be home for Christmas this year), and relax! 

In the evening it actually got cool enough for me to wear my Christmas jumper, so I snuggled up and watched Shrek the Halls, which rounded out a lovely day altogether. (The jumper features in my recent Thrift Haul which you can find here!)
Although it didn't quite go to plan and I wasn't able to have all my family around me, I still had a really lovely day and feel really grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. I hope you all had a great day and ate heaps of good food!

A few days ago I did a little Christmas-themed photoshoot with our Guinea Pigs, so I'll leave you with some cute pictures from that! 
Kate x

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