Monday, 1 February 2016
GUYS. Somehow my 19th birthday has completely snuck up on me and I just cannot get my head around the fact that I've just entered my last 'teen' year! I feel so old and mature and yet still so young all rolled into one!

Seeing as I never did any kind of 'new years resolutions' sort of post, I thought I'd share with you my 19 dreams, some big and some small, for my 19th year on this earth (yes I'm trying to force myself into accepting the fact that I'm now 19 by writing it as many times as possible in this post, don't mind me!)

1. Make more time for friends. During the Uni semester I always end up pouring so much energy into study that I never find myself with any energy left to catch up with friends. I'm also a total introvert so it takes me a bit more effort to convince myself to make the effort to catch up with people-even my best friend! I've recently come to realise that the more energy I put into my friendships, the more I get out of them (duh, how did I not realise this before??), and although it takes a bit of a kick to get me out of the door to meet up with people, I always feel a million times happier afterwards! So here's to more time spent with the people who make my heart smile.

2. Start waxing my legs. I've been a brave little chicken and done this already! I'm literally the laziest person alive when it comes to shaving my legs, so I've been telling myself I'll start getting my legs waxed for months...and I finally plucked up the courage to do it! The girl I went to was so professional and lovely, so I will definitely keep this one up!

3. Have a 2016 photo folder on Facebook. This probably sounds like a weird one, but I post so seldom on facebook that when I do, I always overthink it and become the biggest stressball. So this year I plan to have a 2016 folder that I can just add photos to every now and then, without it being a huge i crazy or does that make sense to anyone else haha?!

4. Blog more. Blogging makes me happy! It helps me to see the little positives in my everyday life, to find perspective and to keep my eyes on the big picture. I wholeheartedly believe that you should do more of whatever makes you happy, and lots of it!

5. NOT chicken out of having a gap year. The idea of taking a year off Uni to go travel has been going around in my head for ages, and now that the actual decision-making point is getting closer I've been changing my mind approximately 2648 times a day about whether I should do it or not! Deep down I know that I'll never forgive myself if I don't go, especially considering the main reason for my misgivings is that I would have to leave my boyfriend behind... I can't make my personal decisions based on that! This year is all about making the right decisions for me.

6. Make time for baths. And colouring. Often I find the things that seem least important are actually the most important! Little things like this keep me sane and happy and able to study properly... Also, baths=Lush bath bombs, what more excuse could I need?

7. Find an everyday makeup routine. This is another one that I think I've almost mastered! Last year I didn't really have an 'everyday' routine, which meant that I either wore no makeup or went way overboard...neither of which is a perfect situation haha! So I've committed myself to finding something casual enough that will work for me post coming soon!

8. Exercise in the mornings. I live in a part of Australia where it is basically always hot, so the only times you can actually go outside to exercise are very early in the morning or just before it gets dark. I always struggle to drag myself out of bed for a run early in the morning, but without fail I always have a super-amazing and productive day afterwards. This year my Uni timetable has me starting lectures at 10AM most days, so I have NO excuses!

9. Watch Gray's Anatomy. I've been saying I want to do this for ages-it seems like every medical student ever has watched it! It's time I actually watched it instead of just talking about it...

10. Send more birthday messages. I ALWAYS put off sending a birthday message whenever I get that little facebook notification and then, of course, it never ends up happening. It would honestly only take me about 2 minutes to compose a nice message and to make someone feel special on their birthday, so I aim to stop procrastinating and send a lot more nice messages this year!

11.Get involved with more student groups. I've gone through 2 years of med school just keeping my head down and studying, but I'm in third year now and I think it's about time I broadened my horizons a bit!

12. Explore my town more. For the last two years I've lived on campus and not really had much opportunity to get to know the town I live in. However, this year my boyfriend will have a car, so we will be able to go on lots of adventures and explore a lot more. I can't wait!

13. Buy myself flowers more often. Because they're pretty and why not?

14. Get at least a credit for this year. Over the last couple of years I've been slowly, slowly building up confidence in my abilities as a medical student. I spent so long feeling so much less smart than the rest of my colleagues, but I'm now finally starting to see my hard work pay off and feeling a lot more quietly confident in myself. I know I'm capable of doing well, so what's stopping me? I'm not going to let self-doubt get in the way of achieving my best this year!

15. Give myself more credit this year. See what I did there? ;) I sometimes forget to sit back and take a look at just how much I'm accomplishing. 19 is going to be the year I give myself the credit I deserve!

16. Get better at cooking. This is something that is going to have to happen, because I'm moving into an apartment this year and will officially have to cook for myself! I just don't think the 3 recipes I'm good at will cut it for a whole year of meals haha!

17. Make new friends. This is another thing that introvert me isn't great at doing! I have some wonderful friends in my life and for some reason, I seem to be stuck in the mindset that I'm just fine with that and simply don't need any more! I would love to have new people in my life this year to change my perspective and broaden my view whenever it starts to get a bit closed!

18. Save money for travelling. I've made a pact with myself that as soon as I start back at Uni, I'm going to stop any unneeded purchases (the occasional bunch of flowers not included!) in order to have as much available for amazing adventures next year....

19. Never forget to keep dreaming. If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough! I'm naturally a dreamer but everyday life and the struggles of Uni tend to bring me down sometimes...I aim to keep that passion burning this year, because it's truly what makes me who I am!

Woww if you've stuck with me through this big ol' post, congratulations! I hope you enjoyed my 19 goals for this year!

Much love,
Kate x

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