January Favourites

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I know it's a tiny bit early for a favourites post, but I thought I'd get in before my birthday on the 29th because otherwise my favourites post might just turn into a 'what i got for my birthday' post!

My first favourite this month just has to be the song Lost Boy from Troye Sivan's new album Blue Neighbourhood. I'm simply in love with this song, it's been on repeat for at least the last week and i'm still not sick of it! Coming a close second to this is his song Youth...maybe I should have just said that the whole album is a favourite for this month?! It's simply amazing and if you haven't heard it yet I would HIGHLY recommend going and giving it a listen!

My second favourites this month were my new copper earbuds. I'm a little (ok, a lot!) obsessed with everything copper at the moment, as you'll see from my Instagram photos! I was in need of a new pair of earbuds, and the minute I spotted these in Myer I was sold! They're from a Swedish company called Happy Plugs (link here), and they have basically every colour imaginable...I've had to be very restrained to stop myself from buying them in an assortment of other colours!

I have two beauty favourites this month, the first of which is the Garnier BB cream. I know I'm a bit late to the party with this craze, but I've only just tried this BB cream for the first time and I'm loving it so far! My face is prone to redness, as well as having a few leftover scars from acne struggles, so I've been searching for a product that will even that out without completely smothering my skin for quite some time. I seem to have found the answer in this BB cream and I couldn't be happier! It leaves my skin feeling lovely and smooth without making me break out, even after wearing it every day for a week straight-winning! I'm now planning on doing a post with my everyday makeup routine now that I've found one that works so well for me!

My other beauty favourite this month is the Virgin Mojito Body Butter from the Body Shop. This is a limited edition release which is already starting to go out of stock here, so if you haven't tried it I would advise you to-soon! This body butter is quite unlike many others that I have tried-it has a very fresh scent as opposed to the much sweeter ones I usually have. The Virgin Mojito range has lime and mint extracts, which makes for such a refreshing body butter that is just perfect for the ridiculously hot summer days we're experiencing in Aussie right now! I'm very tempted to go and stock up on this now as I'm loving it so much and it's not going to be around much longer!

My last favourite for this month comes in the form of a website called Bookbub. For any avid readers like me, this is a total game changer! Bookbub basically rounds up all the best deals on kindle and apple iBooks (most of which are usually free) each day and sends you an email listing them all. When you sign up you can enter your preferences for the types of books you enjoy and Bookbub will take these into consideration and send you suggestions from those genres. It is so quick and easy to use, and my book collection on my kindle has grown hugely over the month or so since I started using this. I haven't used my kindle so much in years! I would thoroughly recommend this site (link here) to anyone like me who enjoys reading but can't afford to be paying tonnes of money on books....give it a try and tell me what you think!

I hope you all had a truly wonderful and productive January!
Kate x

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