Magnetic Island Adventures

Friday, 9 October 2015
Last week I spent three days exploring the beautiful Magnetic Island with my family and had the most wonderful time full of sunshine and curious wildlife! I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my adventures with you all here.
Getting blown away on the ferry
We found Dory!
We got the ferry over to 'Maggie' (as the locals call it) on Friday morning. The trip was a very picturesque 40 minutes, it was a gorgeously sunny day and I could not have been happier to be escaping Uni with my family!

Hello Magnetic Island!

We were staying with some friends on the island so went to theirs, had lunch and just chilled out for a while when we arrived. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring all the little bays of the island and getting our brains jiggled out along a dusty old road to the loveliest, most secluded little beach you've ever seen. It was so worth the drive and a lot of fun was had looking out for Koalas along the way (we didn't actually see any but numerous jokes of 'I saw one!!' occurred). We finished the evening with a wander along the shoreline looking for rock wallabies, who were their usual adorable selves.

Wallaby by the sea. Could life get any cuter?
Saturday brought a day of walking, swimming and general adventuring. First up was a 45 minute walk to 'The Forts', which is an infamous track for seeing koalas. It did not disappoint! Although I've lived in Australia for about 8 years now, I hadn't ever seen a koala, so this was an exciting moment for me especially! They were just as cute and sleepy as the photos suggest-I had never realised before that koalas are nocturnal. But that certainly explained why all 4 that we saw were dozing away and taking absolutely no notice of us!

Later in the afternoon we drove out to a gorgeous little bay to have a picnic and swim-life is just so hard isn't it? ;)  

On Sunday morning we drove over to Horseshoe Bay(the main bay) for the weekly markets, and stopped on the way to feed some gorgeous rock wallabies. They really enjoyed the carrots we gave them and we were able to get so close and get some great photos. Definitely a highlight of the trip, they are just so cute! 

The markets were fairly small but had some lovely little trinkets and souvenirs. We rounded off the morning with a coffee at a cafe in front of the beach, then headed home via another bay for yet another swim. 
The rest of the day was spent just relaxing (a bit of studying for me) before we all walked to a mexican restaurant called Man Fridays that was just around the corner for dinner. Some cheeky possums were very keen on sharing our meals! The restaurant had such a cute relaxed feel, sitting outside with the wildlife and cute lights strung up overhead. I'd definitely recommend you try it if you are ever on Maggie Island!  

Blurry cheeky possum!

Sadly, Monday was time to go home. We packed up the car, drove onto the ferry and waved our last goodbyes to the lovely Magnetic Island. I am already planning my next trip to this little piece of paradise-I feel so lucky to live in Australia sometimes!

I'd love to hear about adventures you've all been on recently! Always looking for new places to add to my travel list-please feel free to let me know in the comments!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
Kate x

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