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Monday, 2 October 2017

Hi guys! Gosh, has it been a crazy couple of weeks! There's been so much going on that I've barely remembered I even have a blog, let alone found time to write a blog post. Here's a little update on what's been going on in my life.

Moving- We moved to a new apartment this weekend! There was a whole lot of drama with our old place which meant they need to replace the floor tiles in the whole apartment (not our fault!), which meant we had to move out. We've been frantically applying for new places over the last couple of weeks and finally got approved for a new apartment. I really love the new place, it's really nice and light, and I finally have a bath! Everything has now been moved over and set up, so today's challenge is cleaning out the old place before we hand the keys back. Send me prayers guys!

Meal Prepping- With all the stress of moving and everything being packed up in boxes, my healthy eating has taken a significant downturn over the last week! It's left me feeling super sluggish and gross which is never much fun, but I've taken inspiration from some youtube videos on healthy meal prepping and am planning on doing that this week. On the menu is salmon and green bean salad, and some soup packed full of veges, as well as lots of strawberry and watermelon smoothies to keep me cool. Bring on the cleaner eating and feeling a whole lot fresher this week!

Reading- I was so sad to log onto Goodreads this week and realise I haven't finished a book in so long! The whole year I've been about 5 books ahead of pace to reach my target for the end of the year, and I'm now only just on track. This is, of course, understandable considering everything else that has been going on, but I'm determined to get back ahead again! I'm about halfway through The Perks Of Being A Wallflower right now so hopefully that one will be added to the list pretty soon.

Being Brave- I've wanted to join a committee for one of my university clubs for such a long time, but I've always been too shy and felt way too insignificant to actually do it. However, last week I finally found the guts to apply for a position in my university Rural Health Club (including making a speech that was video conferenced to several other clinical schools!)...and I got it! I'm super excited that I was finally brave enough to do this as I'm super passionate about rural health and I'm really looking forward to working with some other likeminded people next year. Plus, we get shirts-I am so excited!

So that's all the craziness that has been going on lately! I'm really looking forward to settling into a routine again now that we're in our new place and I can get back to some healthy cooking! If you have any good recipes or meal prep tips, please do let me know! What have you been up to lately?
Kate x

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