Monthly Moments | July

Friday, 4 August 2017
Hi guys! 
July has been a busy but happy month for me. I've been a bit better with taking photos of what I've been up to lately, so here's some moments from my life this month.

Doggy Friends:
I met lots of adorable doggies this month! Aside from my own, of course. Here's a couple of cuties that I met on the same afternoon... one of my life goals is to own a Dachshund so I was very happy to meet this one. Needless to say, I was having a pretty good day!

Car Shopping:
In other exciting news, I got my first car this month! It's a little silver Ford Fiesta and I'm so so happy with it! I've been taking every opportunity to go for a drive and test it out and talking about it to anyone who will listen...oops!

Farmers Markets & Cacti:
There's a monthly farmers market in the little town near where I live, which is quite famous for it's variety of food, local produce and knick knacks. I've been wanting to go for absolutely ages as I really wanted to get some more cacti to add to my collection, and that's exactly what I did! My sister, boyfriend and I went in my new car, ate german-style big pretzels (not as good as the real thing, sadly!) and I spent about 20 minutes trying to decide exactly which succulents looked the best together. I'm quite pleased with my choices, it was a rather successful morning altogether!

Ingham Adventures:
I've spent the last week in the little town of Ingham for my rural placement as part of my studies. I'll be here for five more weeks working in the hospital and GP practices, but in any spare time I've been busy exploring the town with my fellow medical students. On Sunday night we went to a live music event at a local park which was so lovely! We've also stolen one of the doctor's dogs for a walk on the beach and I've signed up with the local library so I can get some new reading material while I'm here. We seem to be making ourselves right at home!

My July has ended on a pretty positive note! How did your month go? Please let me know in the comments!
Kate x

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  1. oh i freakin' LOVE farmers markets! something about being surrounded by so much tasty food just really appeals to my senses. alllllll the local produce *dribble*

    your july sounds lovely - i hope your august is as beaut, too!

    katie. xx