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Saturday, 1 April 2017
Hi guys! I've finally managed to collate the last of my photos from my England trip for you! (Only 3 months too late, no biggie right?!) This is a photo diary of our last week in Cornwall, as well as the last couple of days we spent in France before flying home. Enjoy!

Tintagel Castle
One of my absolute favourite places from our entire trip had to be Tintagel Castle... I mean, look at that view! Tintagel is steeped in history and myth, supposedly being the place where King Arthur was conceived. Although there's very little castle left to see, wandering over the cliffs and through the ruins and imagining what used to be made for a simply magical day! 

Whilst in Cornwall we also got to catch up with my German sister, who stayed with us on exchange in Australia a few years ago. I have not laughed so much or felt so deliriously happy in quite a while-she's one of my all time favourite humans ever and it's just so ridiculously lovely when you can catch up after years have gone by and still be the best of friends!

Trying Cornish Pasties for the first time!
We took a walk over the hills and got the ferry over to Padstow for the day, which turned out to be quite a historic occasion- my first ever Cornish Pasty! (I loved them, btw!)

Port Isaac- That's Doc Martin's cottage in the top right corner!
The other huge highlight of Cornwall for me was Port Isaac-otherwise known as Port Wenn in my absolute favourite TV show, Doc Martin! I've been wanting to go here for years so it was very exciting to finally see his cottage in real life and see all the places that looked so familiar! I also had the best fish and chips ever in the pub there, so would definitely recommend a trip there even if the weather isn't amazing!

Right at the end of our trip we spent a couple of days exploring an area not far from Paris called Pierrefonds. This area is home to the Chateau De Pierrefonds, otherwise known as the castle where they filmed the TV show Merlin! This was such a magical day of exploring, it was even snowing a tiny bit and it made for the perfect end to our family trip away. The photos don't even do justice to how stunning it was!

Chateau De Pierrefonds 

Sadly then it was time to leave our castle-exploring and croissant-eating adventures behind to catch a 30+hr flight back to Australia! I'm having such cold-weather withdrawals now writing this (it's currently 10.30 AM and already 31 degrees haha!)

Have you guys been anywhere new lately? I'd love to hear about your adventures! 
Kate x


  1. Kate you're so cute! Glad you had an ace time! :D

  2. Hi I'm from England and Cornwall is so pretty!! The beaches are amazing.