Welcome To The Crybaby Club

Sunday, 4 September 2016
I'm a crybaby. I always have been. Tears have been the way I expressed my emotions since the moment I first arrived on this earth, and unlike most others I never seemed to properly grow out of it. I've gone through life feeling like I'm too sensitive, that I cry too easily and there must be something wrong with me-everyone else can control their emotions, why am I always crying all over the place?

It's taken me so many years of struggling with all these emotions to start to come to terms with this part of myself. That is, until I discovered The Crybaby Club!

For those that haven't heard of it, The Crybaby Club is a girl gang and website celebrating the more emotional residents of the world. I'd try to rephrase their motto but it's literally perfect! They are dedicated to 'celebrating sensitivity as strength, lifting each other in love and support, and proving that just because we cry doesn't mean we can't get things done'. This just speaks to me so much. That little part of me that has always been ashamed of my tears feels so much more ok with all this love and understanding directed towards it!

Another post that got me thinking on this subject was this one from Hannah Witton, where she talks about the last 3 times she cried. I really loved this post because it helps to normalise tears as a very valid coping mechanism for dealing with whatever life throws at you (is there anything better than having a good cry then drying your eyes and moving on with life??) Just to add to that discussion, I thought I'd share with you the last 3 times I cried:

1. I thought too much about life and how fast it's rushing by and got a bit scared. Please excuse me while I go and lie face-down on my bed and have an Existential Crisis of Dan Howell proportions.

2. I watched a ridiculously cheesy Hindi movie in which I started sobbing uncontrollably at the end when everyone was in love and it was all happily-ever-after.

3. I wasn't invited to a party that almost all of my friends were at, which I was totally fine about until I saw all their snapchat stories dancing and having fun without me...the FOMO was so real! 

So, are you a crybaby too? It's time to celebrate all of us emotional human beings who just need a good cry to make life alright every now and again! After all, there are a lot worse things than a few tears right?

Here's to us crybabies all over the world, embracing our tears as strength!
Kate x


  1. I love the crybaby club! There while community and motto is just so perfect, and I've just always had a lot of feelings so it's fitting.

    I also really loved this post and might attempt my own sometime! Keep up the good work girlie!

    Stay lovely,

    1. I feel exactly the same Corin! I'd love to see your version of this post! Thanks for your lovely comment :) xx

  2. Awesome post! I had never heard of the crybaby club, but as someone who has always been very sensitive and emotional, I just love the idea of it and want to look into it more!


    1. I'm so pleased I could introduce you to it Minerva! I hope you got as much happiness out of it as I did :) xx

  3. I just joined #thecrybaby club! I've always been told I was over-emotional, I'm always crying at the littlest things. Girl, I would have been crying the moment I found out all my friends were invited to a party but me!
    I love to embrace my emotions because they make me feel alive <3 So happy I came across this post and met another fellow cry baby :3