Little Happy Things

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Hi guys! I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and kept coming across these lists of 'some good things' and it got me thinking about the kind of little things that give me a lot of happiness. So for today's post I thought I'd make my own list of 'Happy Things' to share with you.


  • The feel of sand on your toes
  • Breakfast foods at any time of the day
  • That burst of energy when you're on a run and you just have to start sprinting
  • The moment when you first dive under the water to go swimming and the world just melts away
  • When you look at a friend and have that big surge of affection and think 'I like you. You're an excellent human'
  • Getting lost in a bookstore
  • Doggy cuddles
  • The feeling of contentment when you've been hiking all day and finally get to your campsite
  • When you realise Christmas is coming soon
  • Spending an evening with your family and feeling all wrapped up in love and fondness
  • Bunches of flowers 
  • Quiet moments sitting near the sea
  • That feeling when you first hear a song and know after 2 seconds that you're going to love it
  • When you're a bit tipsy and you're laughing with your friends and everything is happy and bubbly
  • Dancing all night
  • Disney movies
  • Skype calls with friends in other countries who make you feel like everything is right in the world
  • An outfit that works just as well as you'd imagined it
  • Massive cosy scarves on a chilly day
  • The boss-ass bitch feeling when you're carrying a takeaway coffee
  • Clear blue sky breezy days
  • Waking up in a new country
  • Finding a cute spot to study
  • When motivation strikes out of nowhere and suddenly you're gonna change the world
  • Long comfortable chats while watching the sunset

I'm sure I could sit here forever coming up with these but I have an assignment to finish so I'll leave it at that! Perhaps I could do a second edition at some point? Writing this has honestly left me feeling so warm and fuzzy-life is good! 

Do you guys like these things too? What are your 'Happy Things'?
Kate x


  1. Yes to so many of these! :) one of my happy things is reading something I can relate to whether it's a line in a book, a blog post or a poem & I also love that moment of sudden inspiration for my own writing. Such a cute picture btw, you look so happy x


    1. Aww thanks Sara! I'm so glad you could relate to these! I totally agree about your happy thing too! :) xx

  2. The motivation one - yassssss! I love that, having so much motivation feels gooooood!

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