August Faves & Playlist

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Hi guys! I'm gonna be completely cliche here, but seriously, where has August gone? It only feels like last week that I was writing my July favourites! August has had its fair share of stress and confusion in my life, but I'm finishing on a high point feeling pretty on top of my study which is really good! I've had a few products that I've been really loving this month, so I though I'd share them all with you. 

Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour in Lights, Camera- 
This is such a great matte lipstick for a really affordable price! The Ultra Matte range only cost $8 each and the quality is pretty good for that price. They're quite creamy, although still a bit drying on the lips as most matte lipsticks tend to be. This lipstick is definitely not kiss proof, but stays put pretty well the rest of the time and the colour is gorgeous, I've had so many compliments on it! (I'm wearing it in this Instagram post if you're curious what it looks like on!) I'm definitely considering picking up a couple of other colours from this range. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Light- 
I tried my sister's one of these a few months ago and have been wanting to get one of my own ever since, so I finally bit the bullet and bought one. It's an amazing highlighting concealer, the best I've found yet to hide my uni-induced dark circles! It hardly creases, and the only issue I have with it is that the sponge applicator tends to give out a bit too much at once, but it definitely makes sure I look very awake for my classes! 

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette- 
A rose gold eyeshadow palette full of gorgeous shades? I was never going to be able to resist this! I've been using this so much lately, especially all the shades on the left. I'm really impressed with how easy to blend these Maybelline eyeshadows are, they're so lovely to work with! 

Garnier Micellar Water- 
As you can see from how empty the bottle is, I've been using this quite a lot lately. I'm not entirely sure what its intended purpose is, but I've been using it as a general makeup remover before getting in the shower and it makes my skin feel so lovely! I definitely think I'll be investing in a bigger bottle when this one runs out!

Thankful Journal- 
I bought this at Kikki K about a month ago and I'm seriously loving it! Basically it has space for you to write three things you're grateful for each day, and I find this such a lovely relaxing thing to sit down and do just before I go to bed. I'm not that great at remembering to use it but it definitely makes me a lot happier when I do, so I'm aiming to start making a habit of doing it every day! 

Phone Case- 
I found this gorgeous copper and marble patterned phone case in Sportsgirl a few weeks ago and didn't think twice about buying it! I mean, copper and marble, how much more blogger cliche could I get? Sadly it's chipping a bit on the edges already as you can see! I still love it, but I'm definitely hoping to invest in a really nice quality phone case sometime in the next few months. 

So that's it for my favourites this month! Have you tried any of these products? What have you been loving lately?

My next post is going to have an extra special themed playlist in it so I thought I'd skip making a whole post on this month's playlist. If you'd like to listen to my August Playlist on Spotify, you can find it right here!

Wishing you all a wonderful September! 
Kate x


  1. I love the idea of a thankful journal!!
    Kathy x

    1. It's definitely a good idea in theory Kathy! Reminding myself to actually use it is the only issue haha ;) x

  2. I love the Maybelline concealer too! Just going to check out your spotify playlist now :)

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Kate, hope you enjoyed the playlist! :) x

  3. That palette is absolutely stunning! I also did an August favourites on my blog this month and featured the Micellar Water ;)

    Kirsty x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Kirsty! The palette is so gorgeous hey! Will go check out your post now :) x