Turning FOMO Into GOMO

Monday, 22 August 2016

As a medical student, total introvert, and someone who's generally in bed before 10pm, I tend to suffer a lot of FOMO (AKA fear of missing out) in my life! So many times I'll be too worn out or busy to go to an event, but will then end up regretting not going for at least the next week...the sadness is so real! Social media and the numerous platforms where we can share just how cool our lives are have made this even worse, with me being able to get real-time updates on that cool party my friends are at while I'm stuck in the library studying yet again. A few months ago I decided that I wanted to try and change this, and I've actually been doing pretty well at getting rid of my chronic FOMO problem, so I thought I'd share how I've been doing it!

How to turn your FOMO into GOMO:

  • Stay balanced. You can't enjoy your 'going out more often' if you're burnt out or stressing about other things in your life! I like to use the events I have planned to motivate me to get my study done efficiently and without procrastinating (and trust me, I've tried everything to stop myself procrastinating!) I find having fun things planned really encourages me to be more organised and get things done so I can go out and have fun guilt free! It's also important to make sure you're scheduling time for yourself, especially if you're an introvert like me- going out too much can be completely exhausting so make sure you're putting yourself first! 

  • Mix it up. It's way too easy to get caught up in thinking 'there's nothing exciting to do in my town!' I'd bet a lot on that not being true though! There's so many things to do when you think outside the box. Try rock climbing or ice skating, going exploring in your town, going to a party you wouldn't normally have, joining a class or uni group (if you're a student of course). I try to spread the events I pick between different friendship groups and totally different activities, and I always try to get out of my comfort zone a bit. I've even started signing up for things that none of my friends are going to, and just trusting that I can always meet people and make new friends! It's not as scary as it sounds once you get started, and it's such an empowering feeling once you realise how much you can do for yourself! I hear the phrase 'just say yes' thrown around all the time, but it's honestly the best thing to start doing! 

  • Put your phone down. I always know I've been having fun when I realise I haven't even thought of picking up my phone for a few hours! Yes, photo evidence of fun things is great, but contrary to popular belief, if photos don't exist it did still actually happen! (Ooh controversial, I know) In this day and age it's even more essential to get some screen-free time where you can just enjoy the moment for what it is- without having to upload it to Instagram 5 minutes later!

  • Stuck for inspiration? I have the solution! Eventbrite are determined to squash your FOMO by turning it into GOMO with their innovative site that can help you find or even plan your own events.  If you want to find what events are happening in your area, definitely check them out-it's the perfect way to find out what's going on in your town! I've actually discovered a few events in my area in the next few weeks that I'm thinking of signing up for, so I'd totally recommend giving it a go! 

So how are you guys going to turn your FOMO into GOMO?
Kate x

This post was inspired by Eventbrite and their GOMO campaign.

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