My Favourite YouTubers

Saturday, 16 July 2016

So I'm one of those people who spends quite a lot of time watching complete strangers talk on YouTube. It seems to me that YouTube is this whole world which you're either a part of, or you don't understand at all. Most of my friends don't really watch YouTube and don't quite understand where the attraction for it comes from. I actually had a good friend ask me the other day 'why do people watch YouTube? I don't get it?' and that really got me thinking in trying to answer his question!

For me, I think it's mainly a form of escapism. I really enjoy being able to live in someone else's life for a little bit while watching someone's video (much like watching a movie or reading a book). I also love finding people who seem to have a similar outlook on life to me and feeling more 'understood'- the same way as blogging! I find that once you've been watching someone's videos for a while (especially if they're vlogs) you feel more connected to the person and almost feel as if they're a friend. I also love watching the videos of bloggers I know or read, as it's always such a surprise and so lovely to hear them talking in real life (I bet none of you are imagining me saying this in my part aussie/part kiwi accent haha!)

So without further ado I though I'd just mention a few of my favourite YouTubers. Some of my absolute favourites who I've been watching for years include:

Dodie (aka Doddleoddle/ Doddlevloggle- Dodie just seems incredibly real and down to earth, she struggles with the same kind of things that we all my eyes she's just nailed 'imperfectly perfect', if that makes any sense!

Dan and Phil (Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil)- I like them both separately, but any video where they're together is just so much funnier!

Zoella- I just want her life, honestly!

Vivianna Does Makeup- mostly for her non makeup-related videos. Anna just seems so lovely and I totally aspire to have my life together like she does! I love her vlogs and lifestyle videos so much!

Giovannasworld- Gi is honestly one of the cutest people ever! She's so lovely and positive about life, while still staying so real and down to earth! Her and her husband Tom (from McFly) have been my OTP for years, and now they have their two sons I love them even more!

Now for some newer discoveries! These next few are all YouTubers that I've discovered over the last couple of months, and I'm loving all of their videos so much!

Shy Life Living- I absolutely love Sophie's Monthly Moments videos, I think they're such a lovely way of sharing some little snippets of your life, and I somehow just find them so calming and nice to watch! I'd love to start trying to do something similar sometime!

Through The Glitter Glass- Saira just makes me smile so much! She's such a natural to making videos and she's always so cheerful and lovely to watch! She always makes me super jealous of the wonderful things she gets in her hauls as well...forever wishing I lived in the UK and could buy the same things haha!

Rhiannon Ashlee- Rhiannon is another simply lovely lady to watch, I adore her vlogs as she's so independent and really makes you feel like you're a friend following along with her. She's also due to have a baby any day now, so I'm waiting with huge excitement for the announcement!

Alex Martinez- Alex has such lovely videos that are so professionally done! I love all her stationery hauls and school-related posts, and always end up incredibly jealous of her monthly favourites! She finds some really lovely things that always have me wanting to go and buy them for myself straight away!

So there's my list... I'd love to hear why you guys watch Youtube, and who your favourites are!
Kate x


  1. I'm always looking for new youtubers to watch, great recommendations :)
    Kathy x

    1. Thanks Kathy! I have so many that I watch, but these were all my absolute faves haha! xx

  2. I'm completely the same, either you're a part of youtube or have no idea haha.

    I love Dodie and Dan and phil, every time a video comes along i know i'll love it.

    Great writing <3

    - Shannon

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Shannon! I'm the same, I know I'll love any of their videos! xx

  3. I spend so much time watching YouTube, especially daily vlogs, and non of my friends understand either! I'm definitely going to check some of these people out!
    Xo, Rowan |

    1. Thanks for commenting Rowan! I'm a real daily vlog fan as well, I like the more realistic relaxed kind of videos way more than super professional polished ones for some reason! Hope you liked them! xx