July Favourites

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Hi guys! Happy last day of July! This month has really been a total rollercoaster for me, with a lot of downs and a whole lotta ups as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a much calmer and more focused August! As you can see, my favourites this month are mainly beauty related items with a couple of other life things thrown in as well. I hope you enjoy them! 

Impulse Spray Perfume- This reminds me so much of high school, when everyone used these even though we weren't allowed! It's strange how different you can feel when you start using a different scent, but this doesn't require quite so much commitment as buying a whole new perfume! This one is 'Illusions' and I'm really enjoying using it for something a bit different. 

Revo Lip Balm- I picked this up because it reminded me of the EOS lip balms that everyone seems to rave about. This one is watermelon scented, it's so smooth and tastes really sweet. I wasn't sure whether I'd like the big applicator but I really do!

Nude by Nature Makeup Brushes- I bought these as a pack about a month ago, and have been loving them so much! They're so soft and make my makeup application so much easier, as well as making it look so much they're such a pretty rose gold colour, what more could you want?!

Maybelline MasterPrecise Eyeliner- I'm absolutely terrible at eyeliner, but this is definitely making it as easy as possible! I love the tiny point, it's a lot easier to use than my old Maybelline Master Graphic eyeliner! 

Formula 10.0.6 Skin Clarifying Mud Mask-I've been scared of using mud masks for so long thinking that they'd make my acne flare up, but this honestly makes my skin so much better! I use it every 3 days or so and it really seems to make a difference...and it smells so good too!

Radical Self Love book- I won't talk too much about this as I'll do a full review soon, but for anyone who remembers my Instagram post wondering if this would change my life? It has, it totally has! 

Discover Weekly Spotify Playlist- This actually makes me look forward to Mondays! For anyone who hasn't seen this, every Monday Spotify will update your personalised Discover Weekly playlist based on the music you've been listening to. Without fail, I always love most of the songs in my Discover Weekly playlist, it helps me find so many good new songs! (This is the main reason my monthly playlists have been getting so long!) 

So that's all my favourites this month! What have you been loving lately? Do you have any good self-love books to recommend?
Hoping you all have a happy sunshiney August!
Kate x


  1. The book about self-love sounds quite interesting, I'm looking forward to the review! :) x


    1. It was such a great book, I'd really recommend it Sara! I'm working on getting that review done soon-I kinda want to read it again before I do it haha! :) x

  2. Ahhh everything sounds so lovely and I absolutely LOVE Gala Darling!! I've been a fan of her site for so long, I've no idea why I don't have this book yet haha xD love your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. You definitely should read the book gal, it's so good! Thanks for your lovely comments xx