Winter Lush Haul

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Hi guys! My last proper Lush Haul was over Christmas at the one and only Oxford Street store, so needless to say it's been a while since I last stocked up on Lush goodies! Winter is well and truly here on my side of the world, and this (plus me being at home for the month with the bath!) had me seriously craving some bath bombs!

All but one of these are new to me-I've never tried any except Think Pink before (as you'll see from my last haul post!) So without further ado, here's what I bought and my first impressions.

Think Pink Bath Bomb- As I mentioned above, I've had this one before and absolutely loved the scent of it, as well as the way it looks in the bath. I just couldn't go past it!

Blackberry Bath Bomb- This is one that I've wanted to try for ages and finally got my hands on. It's a lot lighter colour in real life than I expected from pictures online, but I'm sure it will still look lovely in the bath. The bergamot scent is supposed to help with feelings of anxiety and nervous tension, so I think this might be one I'll save until my exam time! 

Twilight Bath Bomb- The lavendar scent and light pastel colour of this just make me think of relaxation! I can't wait to use this in the bath after a long day of placement sometime soon. 

Lava Lamp Bath Bomb- I'm so excited to see this one in action! It smells really fresh and citrus-y, and the orange colour is so bright so I'm sure it will be really refreshing in the bath.

Big Bang Bubble Bar- A Lush haul wouldn't be complete without a bubble bar! The scent of this one reminds me of grapefruit bubblegum, which is certainly not a bad thing. I always manage to make bubble bars last quite a while so I'm looking forward to getting some good use out of this one!

Respect Your Elders Soap. The lovely Lush people sent me this as a tester, and although it's not something I would have picked for myself, it smells absolutely glorious and I can't wait to try it! It smells really fruity which is a bit different to the rest of the things I've purchased-the key scents are blackcurrant and bergamot which make for a lovely mix. 

So that's it for my latest Lush Haul! I really wanted to try the new Metamorphosis bath bomb that is only available online here in Australia, but it was out of stock when I put my order in. Have you tried any of these or got any recommendations for me? Please let me know in the comments! 
Kate x

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  1. Love this post! There's nothing better than a lush bath on a winters day!