Monthly Moments | April

Tuesday, 2 May 2017
Hi guys!
Just like that another month has flown by and it's time for my next Monthly Moments! April has been a month of highs and lows for me-I've struggled with a flu that never seemed to end and felt generally exhausted with motivation levels at an all time low. However,  I've managed to end the month on a high with a few days of hiking and exploring and generally refreshing my mind which has been lovely. 

To celebrate surviving another term, my boyfriend and I took a couple of day-trips over the weekend to explore some more of the beautiful area we live in. On Saturday we drove to Josephine Falls, which is about an hour from Cairns. It was a gorgeous spot for a picnic lunch, although way too cold to swim (I tried!) as we got there a bit late in the afternoon when it was all shady. We'll have to go back in the warmer months sometime!

Josephine Fallls
On Sunday we drove up the Kuranda Range to Davies Creek National Park. I've been here a few times before to camp, and it's always lovely! We hiked to Turtle Rock, which was supposed to take four hours but only took us two and a half which we were quite proud of! The views were absolutely spectacular, as you can see!

Davies Creek National Park
Shopping (ooh):
I've done a cheeky bit of shopping over the last couple of days since finishing the term. I honestly get so much satisfaction out of the whole process of taking myself shopping on my own, being able to go exactly where I want and taking as long as I want without worrying other people are getting bored! I find it really peaceful to spend a few hours browsing the racks methodically searching for bargains, which sounds a bit ridiculous I know! Some of my favourite things I picked up include a few new T-Shirts, as my old ones were in huge need of an update, as well as a couple of new notebooks and a travel mug.

I finally did it! I had been putting off getting my hair cut for an embarrassingly long time and it really needed to happen. Although the style I've ended up with wasn't what I had in mind at all, it is slowly growing on me (haha, literally) and it's glorious to feel swishy and fresh again!

I hope you've all had a wonderful April! Here's to kicking some major butt in May!
Kate x 


  1. I realised I haven't commented on your blog in quite a while so HI! :) I'm glad your month got better towards the end, both the waterfalls and the national park look beautiful. Your new hair cut looks great as well, I like it a lot. Sending all the good vibes your way to make sure May is going to be a wonderful month x

    1. Hey Sara! I hope everything is going wonderfully for you-I really need to catch up on your blog too! Sending all the good vibes right back to you! xx

  2. Wow the view from that Park!! 😍 🏞