OOTD: Festival Edition

Tuesday, 3 May 2016
Hey guys! So yesterday I had the most fantastic day at a music festival called Groovin The Moo and I thought I'd share a few details and a cheeky little OOTD with you! I apologise in advance for the terrible quality of these photos-I was obviously having too much fun to remember to take some good ones! 

Groovin is a one-day event that happens every year in my town. I've actually never been before as it's quite expensive, but I'm definitely glad I went this year! Some of the highlights included Twenty One Pilots, Safia, and Alison Wonderland-as well as Odesza, who I actually missed but I'm sure were amazing! 
Roomie love <3 
As for my outfit...
Top- Dotti
Shorts- Factorie
Shoes- Rubi Shoes
Necklaces- Cosmetics Plus

I was pretty proud that I managed to put together an outfit that was super comfy and also pretty cute, if I do say so myself haha! The shorts are by far the shortest I've ever owned but I really love them (I have so much trouble finding things that will fit me, so I was super excited to find these!) and my outfit just came together really well on the day so I was rather happy!

I had the best time dancing and laughing with my friends, the weather was just perfect and it was just an all round fantastic day! 

The bestest bestie of all besties that ever existed <3 <3 <3

Have you guys been to a festival recently? Please no one say you went to Coachella because
I may die of jealousy!
Love, peace and happiness to you all!
Kate x


  1. Aww I love how happy you look in those pictures Kate! Seems like you had a fantastic day :) Oh and I really like your outfit, such a cute look x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. Thanks so much Sara! I can always count on you for a lovely comment to make me smile! Hope you're well! :) xx