Back to Uni Stationery Haul!

Saturday, 25 July 2015
I arrived back at uni yesterday, ready to start back again on Monday. Of course, going back to uni meant my Mum and I went on a lovely shopping trip together yesterday afternoon to pick up some groceries and study essentials...and some not-so-essential things too ;)
I thought I'd share the supplies I picked up, in case anyone was wondering what I use to study. If you have any questions about uni or study please don't hesitate to ask me!

 1xPacket Bic Mark-It Whiteboard markers. 1xPacket Staedtler Lumocolor Whiteboard Pens. 1xPacket Stabilo Highlighters.

These Bic whiteboard markers are my best friends when it comes to study, especially in exam season! I have bought them a couple of times before and really love them.
However, considering how fast I go through whiteboard markers, I thought I would also try these slightly more expensive, but very slim, Staedtler markers. Slimmer tips means I can fit more on a whiteboard at one time, and it feels more like writing on paper. I'm interested to see how these go and how long they last. I'm hoping for good things as I payed a bit more for them!

4xMarbig 2D Ring Binders. 2xMarbig Magazine Racks. 

 I really love how colourful these binders are! They're also fairly sturdy and have a really nice feel to the cover, so I'm sure they'll be up to the challenge of keeping my notes safe all semester.

The magazine racks are pretty simple and feel a little bit flimsy, but I couldn't find any others so I'm sure they'll serve their purpose!

1xDitto 5 subject exercise book. 1x Officeworks exercise book. 

Am I the only one completely addicted to notebooks? I take 5 different subjects as part of my course, so I thought this Ditto notebook would be a perfect way to keep it all together! Last semester I kept all my notes in one exercise book and had trouble keeping track of them, so I thought this would be a much better option.

I didn't particularly have a need for the other exercise book, but I really love foxes and thought it was too cute to resist! I'm sure I'll make up an excuse to use it soon enough...

2xReally Relaxing Colouring Books by Harlequin. 1xPacket Staedtler coloured pencils. 

I am so so excited about these books! I intend to keep one for myself and give the other to my sister as a gift. They're basically a more complicated version of the colouring books you used as a child, but they have some really beautiful patterns and take plenty of concentration to complete! They are supposed to be really relaxing, and I thought this would be a perfect way to de-stress when I've been staring at screens and using technology all day! I also love that it lets me feel somewhat creative; although I am actually terrible at drawing, I can colour in and make pretty pictures with this! I've added a couple of images of some of the pages for you to admire! I am really excited to get started on these!

I hope you've enjoyed my little haul and I shall speak to you all soon!

Kate x

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  1. Ah man, I love a bit of stationary! I need these colouring books in my life.