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Monday, 6 August 2018
Hi guys!

Just like that yet another month has come and gone, and I'm left at a loss where all my time is disappearing to! When looking back on the month of July, I initially didn't think that I had been up to much except studying, but after a look at my photos it seems that I have been pretty busy after all. There's been reunions with old friends and a trip to the other end of the county, among other things, so here's a little glimpse of what I've been up to during the last month.

Fun Run
Early in the month I organised for our uni rural health club to attend a fun run in honour of NAIDOC week, the national week for recognition of Indigenous people's culture and history. It was a lovely sunny morning and we had a lot of fun joining the run. A friend of mine brought along her doggie to run with us which was probably the highlight for me! After the run there was a free sausage sizzle and some traditional dancing performances, which was really nice to see. All around it was a really fun morning, and it proved to be quite a good cultural experience for the med student from overseas that I convinced to join us!
I won't lie, I honestly spent at least 70% of the last month stressing WAY too much about a small two-station OSCE exam I had coming up at the end of my rotation. I've genuinely never really felt so stressed, especially about a small piece of assessment that's only worth 3% of my grades for the year. In the end they threw a random case at us that we hadn't even prepared for, but I managed to pass both of my stations and was so incredibly relieved to have it over with!

In the middle of all my pre-OSCE stress, one of my long lost friends from America came back to visit us! He spent a semester with us in our first year of uni, and we've kept in fairly good contact since. Sadly we only got to catch up for a very short period as he was over in Aussie working and couldn't get any free time, but it was still lovely to see his face and get a proper hug after all these years! I'm often saddened that most of my best friends live across the country or on the other side of the world from me, but it makes it that much sweeter when you work to keep the friendship going and finally get to catch up!

After all the exams and stress were over with, I finally got a well deserved break! I had two weeks off and (speaking of friends living across the country!) spent half of it down in Newcastle visiting my bestie who got a job down there this year. We did lots of exploring, had a Christmas in July party, watched Mammia Mia 2 and I got to meet her boyfriend's two adorable border collies and get lots of doggie cuddles! It was the best catch up we've had in years, and it was so nice to see where she's living and be able to picture all the places and people she talks about. The time went way too quickly of course, but I left with lots of lovely memories to keep me going until we next see each other.

So, that's what I got up to during July! It was super nice to be reunited with some of my favourite people and get some time to relax! I'm now in my first week back to Uni with lectures from 8-5 each day, so that's been a bit of a shock to the system. I'm feeling both refreshed, motivated and somewhat terrified about taking on the next few months, so fingers crossed that I can keep the balance going.

What did you get up to in July? Here's to a productive and happy August for all of us!
Kate x

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