April In Review

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Hi guys!
I actually wasn't planning on doing a review type post this month, but I've been hit with a blast of motivation and oops, here we are! So here's a little recap of what I got up to this month.

Home Time.
At long last we had a two week break from uni, which I was in desperate need of. As always, it was lovely to spend some time at home in the sunshine! My whole family were all back together for the first time in a few months so it was wonderful to just chill out and have lots of laughs together. I'm seriously such a family gal, I never feel happier with the world than when I'm with my three favourite people laughing at jokes only we would understand! Nothing beats it!

Adelaide Adventures.
I went to Adelaide for a week during my break to visit my partner's family, and we had so much fun! Although it was a lot colder than I expected, I really appreciated the cool change, some different scenery and getting lots of time to get to know his fam better. I'll have a full blog post about the trip up next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

I finally got my Hogwarts letter!
Only 10 years too late, but no biggie right?! I'm not at all a games person usually, but I had to make an exception for the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery that came out this week. I'm sure I'm not the only one that was super excited to finally get a letter with my name on it!

And how did I go in terms of achieving the goals I mentioned in my last recap? (You can read about how I failed literally all of my March Goals here, if you like!)

I'm ever so happy to report that I did actually achieve most of them! 
  • I managed to pre-write about eleven (ELEVEN!) blog posts during my break, which I'm super proud of, and I now have posts ready to go all the way up until my next break-how awesome is that! 
  • I didn't quite get around to revising much anatomy, but I did finish a lot of other notes and study which was good!
  • I've made a concerted effort to hang out with friends more, which has left me feeling a lot more refreshed. I've had some great phone chats with people, and I actually went for coffee with a few friends this morning to discuss our rotations and give each other tips, which was really lovely! 
  • I haven't really started meal prepping or going to new gym classes as yet, as I just got back from my break, but I'm definitely planning on starting next week!
  • I read 4 books during the month, and I'm currently halfway through three others (lol), so I think I've done pretty well there! 
So, that was how my April went! How did your month go? Did you manage to tick off some goals, or did you have a bit of a fail like I did in March? 
Sending all the love and light,
Kate x

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