March Goals: How Did I Go?

Saturday, 31 March 2018
Hey guys!

If you're looking for someone who's totally kicking goals at life to inspire you into being more productive....maaaybe click away now! How many of my March goals did I achieve? Um, none. Zilch. Nada.
So what happened?

Basically, life happened. I had a big assignment due where I had to see a patient 3 times and write up the notes, and it was super stressful finding a suitable patient that was willing to talk to me. I finally found a patient just four days before the assignment was due; and then went to review him the next day to find he'd absconded from the hospital! Let's just say my stress levels were 100+ during that week, haha.

So let's discuss what I wanted to achieve this month! (If you haven't read my March Goals post, you can find it here!)

Life: Start weekly reviews again.
The idea of sitting and writing out a review of the week on a Sunday evening is such a great one in theory. However, by Sunday evening I usually have procrastinated enough over the weekend that I still have way too much to achieve, and don't feel like I have the time to sit and ponder life for half an hour when I could be doing other things.

Fitness: Exercise at least 4x a week.
HAHAHA. Same goes for the goal of 1 Pump class a week. I did not go to pump class even once this month! I probably managed about 2 or 3 sessions of exercise each week, which isn't a total bust, just not quite as much as I would have liked.

Study: Try some new strategies.
I mean, maybe I kinda did this? I've started a new style of note taking that is working really well for me so far! However, I'd really like to broaden my repertoire of study strategies a lot more and give things like the Pomodoro technique and mind mapping a try!

So, where to now? Well, I have a big two week break coming up in April, so I hope that will give me the chance to get back on top of things!

Here's some things I'd like to achieve in April:

  • Pre-write plenty of blog posts, as I know my next two rotations are going to be suuuper busy!
  • Revise some anatomy so I don't get ripped to shreds in my Surgery rotation, lol
  • Make more time to catch up with friends; it's basically the only thing that keeps me sane!
  • Try 2 or 3 new gym classes and go to Pump at least twice more
  • Start meal prepping on the weekends again; it's so useful and I really enjoy organising myself for the week ahead!
  • Read at least 4 books
How are you guys  going with your goals recently? I think it's super important to remember that it's ok to not be achieving everything you set out to do all the time, sometimes life just gets in the way, like it did for me this month! The most important thing is to keep trying and not give up just because it didn't go perfectly the first time. We're all human after all!

Sending positive, productive vibes!
Kate x


  1. I was just going to comment hey it's okay, we're all human after all but then I saw that you already said that yourself at the end of the post ha :) I can only agree. Setting goals is great for sure, it just doesn't always work out the way we would have wanted to though & that's okay. Enjoy your break <3

  2. Great minds think alike, hey Sara! Thanks so much for reading :) xx