2019 Goals Review | Halfway

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

I know I run the risk of sounding like an absolute broken record, but seriously guys, can you believe just how quickly this year is flying by?

I've been quite busy in recent weeks, and have tended towards feeling a bit overwhelmed and off-track with my goals for the year. In view of us being so close to halfway through 2019(!!), I thought it would be a good idea to review my progress with all the goals I spoke about in January (if you missed that post, you can find it here).

I thought I'd start with the few areas that I've been making fairly good progress towards.

Things I've Been Doing Well At:
Publish 2 Blog Posts Every Month- I've managed to achieve this every month so far! I will admit that I've struggled to get any more than two blog posts up in most months, but I'm doing my best to stay consistent and inspired with new ideas! I'd like to think that I will be able to up the ante with this in the next few months, but I also don't want to push myself if it's not coming naturally. Fingers crossed for a good dose of inspiration and a whole lot more posts around here soon!

Read 60 books- I just finished my 30th book for the year, right on time! I'm currently 3 books ahead of schedule and have been for most of the year. I'm planning a Goodreads goal update in the near future, so will let you know what I've been reading and loving very soon.

Declutter and Buy More Thoughtfully- Although I still have a way to go with this, I've definitely made some improvements! I donated a huge pile of clothing to the Op Shops recently, and I've just joined the Slow Fashion Season aiming to buy no new clothes for 3 months. I'm quite looking forward to the challenge!

Say Yes- I'm actually putting this one in both sections, because I did have a few weeks at the start of the term where I felt super motivated and was pushing myself to really get involved with anything and everything I could. I really felt like it was paying off and was feeling super positive about things, but then I was hit with a bit of an anxiety patch and haven't done so well in recent weeks. I'm hoping to pick the ball up again when I start my next term and to continue making positive changes.

Things I'm Still Working On-
Say Yes- As I said above, I'm getting there, but there's definitely still progress to be made!

Try Weekly Vlogging- As I mentioned in my recent post on Living in the Instagram Age, I've been feeling quite unmotivated when it comes to social media lately, and this has really been turning me off from picking up my camera. I'm hoping this is something I can give a try at some point in the next few months, but I have a feeling it may be difficult while living in shared student housing. I will just see how I go with this one!

Volunteer Somewhere- This is one that I just haven't got around to yet and haven't really got any solid ideas on how to achieve it. The island I'm about to move to is quite remote and I'm not too sure what opportunities will be available to me for volunteering- but who knows! I'm going to do my best to find opportunites to give back, and where better than in the small town that will be home for the next 6 months?

Run 10km- I have been mostly going to gym classes focussing on strength lately, so I'd really like to get back into running as well. I'm not sure what the island I'm moving to will be like for running, but I'm hoping it will be big enough to allow me some good running tracks!

Make A Professional Email Address- I still haven't got around to doing this, simply because I can't think of a good professional-sounding email address that is still available! Suggestions, anyone?

As I progress through the year and get on track with some of my goals, my focus has shifted a little and I have some new ones on my mind at the moment in addition to my original ones. Here's what I've been thinking about: 

  • Save More Money
  • Find More Balance With Fitness
  • Meal Prep at Least Once a Week

Thanks for sticking with me for a big ol goals chat!
Did you set goals for this year, and how are they going if so? Fingers crossed we can all make some amazing achievements in the second half of 2019!
Kate x

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