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Thursday, 11 August 2016
Hey guys! Last weekend I went on a bit of a whirlwind trip all the way to Brisbane! I flew down to meet my Mum and sister for Mum's birthday, and we managed to squeeze an awful lot of exciting things into two short I thought I'd tell you about some of the things I got up to! 

I caught a flight down early (VERY early!) on Saturday morning. My plane got in a couple of hours before my family's so I just sat in a cafe and did some study while I waited for them to arrive... #medstudentlife

After I'd met up with my fam, we went out for lunch at the Pig n Whistle (10/10 would recommend!) The food was amazing, and I also discovered that Rekorderlig strawberry lime cider is amazing! Unfortunately I also discovered that there's 1.6 standard drinks in a bottle after I'd finished it and was decidedly giggly (ok not really that unfortunate haha!)

So after lunch we decided to do a spot of shopping, and where does tipsy Kate decide to go? Lush of course! I'm usually super excited to get a chance to go into Lush (we live nowhere near one so I only get to go about once a year!), so you can just imagine my level of excitement after having a drink and going there! I somehow managed to not buy everything in the shop but I did pick up a few bits that I've been wanting to try for ages... Keep your eyes peeled for a haul post coming very soon!

TROYEEEEE. After shopping it was a quick trip back to the hotel to get changed before walking down to the River Stage to see the one and only TROYE SIVAN. This was my first ever concert and I'm so happy it was Troye! I've been watching him on Youtube for years and I absolutely adore all his songs. Some of my absolute faves on the night were Lost Boy, Youth and Talk Me Down- the way he remixes Youth is so catchy! His brother Tyde was on DJ'ing beforehand which was really good as well. I'm also 99% sure I saw his mum that afternoon in town... So all in all it was a fantastic evening that I wish I could relive a million times over!

University of Queensland Open Day- AKA the real reason we were down in Brisbane! My sister is considering studying at UQ next year so I basically just followed her around all day making comments about how my university is better #annoyingbigsister

After lots of exploring and information-gathering, it was time to catch the ferry back to the hotel. I parted ways with my lovely family there as they had to catch their flight home, and then met up with an old uni friend for dinner before catching my own flight!  It was the loveliest little city break, and I came back exhausted but feeling totally refreshed after getting a different perspective for a couple of days!
I hope you guys enjoyed this little recap of my weekend away. Wishing you all a happy Friday and hoping the rest of your week goes wonderfully! Have you been on any adventures lately?
Kate x

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